Copywriting, specialised translation services and brand consulting under the same roof

If you are looking for copywriting that produces real commercial results,  translation or transcreation that is bang on the money and branding experts that make your service or product shine……you have come to the right place.

Whether we are evaluating an existing piece of communication or creating it from scratch we come at it from a brand identity perspective. That means understanding your branding, your positioning and values that make you different and resonate immediately with your audiences. We do this before every project. That way we achieve the desired objectives time and again.


•  marketing services • fine arts and culture • engineering • luxury • finance and corporate

Our daily bread and butter

Much of the work we do centres around the day-to-day communication of existing brands. This can be language services such as marketing translation and transcreation for a website within SEO parameters. Or it can copywriting for a brochure, a promotional campaign or an advertisement. For Lexicalworks we know we’re doing a great job by becoming the de facto extension of your marketing department where you can draw on our wealth of experience and formidable service. Now that’s what we call a partnership!

Bringing your great idea to life

Successful entrepreneurs often start with a ‘gut feel’ for a business opportunity and plenty of enthusiasm. The next stage involves committing an idea to paper with reams of business plans and fraught meetings with potential investors. Once those hurdles are cleared that’s when the fun begins and we can get on with transforming your idea into a brand that lasts.

Evolution or revolution?

The art of branding also involves taking stock to ensure a brand’s relevance today for what may have been ‘hot’ yesterday. Our brand consulting provides a fresh perspective allowing you to see the wood from the trees. Through a well oiled methodology we can evaluate all the elements that make up your brand (logo, website, brochures etc.) and give you a clear way forward. Then you can decide if you want an evolution or revolution.

Questions, questions, questions………

Creating a brand from scratch involves asking plenty of existential questions? What might this idea look and feel like? What are the competition up to? What makes you so different? The reason we do this is to avoid making expensive mistakes thus ensuring your new name, logo or website or any other branding element strikes a chord with your audiences. It also provides the branding DNA to ensure all future communications are coherent and truly effective.