• market analysis  • brand audit  • brand positioning  • brand naming  • development of creative brief  • art direction  • design management

Great brands rarely achieve greatness by accident. Branding involves getting the fundamentals right and that requires crystal clear thinking by asking two fundamental questions. Where are you now and where do you want to go ? If you’re creating a brand identity from scratch, why?

In our experience creative intent is almost worthless without the strategic thinking to back it up. Why risk your communication budget? At Lexicalworks our strategic brand consulting provides the building blocks for successful on-line and off-line creative execution. Our objective is to arrive at a creative brief that is surgically precise,  understood and agreed upon by all the stakeholders in a project.

Our branding methodology allows us to create new brands that are genuinely different with commercial success to boot. This latest project involved market analysis, positioning, brand naming, copywriting, translation, art direction and design management. Please take a look by clicking on the link below:

This project is an example of our methodology in action. We would be delighted to explain to you in greater detail the strategic thinking that led us to this result.